About me


My Voice training 

After graduating from Mount Allison University (B. A., A.Mus. 1962) in Canada I studied privately in Montreal with Bernard Diamant (1962 -1966) and finished my vocal studies in Lugano, Switzerland (1969) with Professor Frederick Husler and Yvonne Rodd-Marling.

In the summer of 1967 and again in 1969 I took part in master classes with the English accompanist Gerald Moore (the original!) at Dartington Hall Summer School of Music in Devon, England.

From October 2000 until May 2007 I took lessons with David Jones in New York whenever possible. His approach is not unlike that of Husler and his kindness and warm approach to teaching is most inspiring.

David has kindly written this about me and my work: 


Ron Murdock is a wonderful Alexander Technique teacher and teacher of voice. He combines his knowledge and background beautifully to move the performer or client forward. He has based his work on years of experience and lineage to great teaching. 


(signed) David L. Jones, New York 2007


My Alexander training 

I trained to be an Alexander teacher with Walter and Dylis Carrington, in London, England and graduated as a fully qualified teacher of the Alexander Technique in December 1979. 


Recommendation from Walter Carrington 

(Walter Carrington was Director of the Constructive Teaching Centre, London, England until his death in August, 2005 ) 


Ron Murdock is an established and well recognized performer who is equally established and recognized as a teacher of Voice and the Alexander Technique. He trained as an Alexander Teacher with me here in London and studied singing with the renouned voice trainers Professor Frederick Husler and Yvonne Rodd-Marling in Switzerland. Husler's work is highly compatible with Alexander's method of respiratory, vocal re-education and we were, in fact, using Husler's book as a standard textbook on voice when Ron joined the training course some years after his study with Husler.

Ron has made it his life's work to bring the two disciplines, Husler and Alexander, together. This is clearly evident in the article, “Born to Sing” (Curiosity Recaptured, Mornum Time Press, 1996) which represents some thirty years of his experience.*

I am happy to recommend Ron's work to all voice users.

                    (Signed) Walter Carrington, London 2002 



*The article “Born to Sing” has now been expanded into a full length book of the same title, also publixhed by Mornum Time Press, California (2015). For further information please follow this link: 


Born to Sing 


Together with my wife, Nadia Kevan, I am Director of our three year training course for Alexander Teachers, at our  Awareness Teaching Center, Nijmegen since 2010.