Singing lessons

Free your body, free your voice!

“Wonderful to meet a teacher who has an open, curious and critical approach . . .clear and with great respect for the student . . .the quality of touch and direction is without any hesitation.” 

Reaction from a new student, 2015

“(Ron Murdock) knows exactly what is involved. The body sings!” 

Prof. Thomas Heyer

Frankfurt Hochschule für Musiek

“The fact that as a vocal coach and ensemble leader (now 74 years of age) I still sing with utter ease and undiminished passion I owe to Ron Murdock’s wise guidance.” Dr Rebecca Stewart, founder of the early vocal department at the Royal Conservatorium, den Haag, The Netherlands

“Ron cast a beacon, giving clear direction to my voice.”

Steven Gallop, bass

Australian Opera

The Alexander Technique plays a key role in achieving postural co-ordination. For the last 40 years I have worked to bring two diciplines together–the vocal teaching of Prof Frederick Husler and the Alexander Technique–into an integrated whole. My book “Born to Sing” A singer’s journey toward mind-body unity” describes this process in detail.

You decide what type of music you want to sing. If you want to increase the strength of your voice, its range and color, then Postural Co-ordination for Dynamic Breathing©, in combination with very specific and tailor made exercises for your vocal development, offers an easily obtainable and practical solution.

This approach produces amazing results for both amateur and professional singers very quickly because once the body (which houses the vocal instrument) is in balance then voice work becomes very easy.

I call my work “Postural Co-ordination for Dynamic Breathing.”©  PCDB doesn’t dictate any particular style or taste. My emphasis is on good voice and body use which results from having good co-ordination. How you apply that good use is up to you. Whether you sing in a choir, with a band, solo, or for your own enjoyment at home, I will help you find your own unique voice, your own sound.

Singing lessons 

A singing lesson lasts 60 minutes. In the first four lessons I teach the basics of the Alexander Technique: balance and co-ordination in sitting, standing , walking and breathing. From lesson one the student has very specific information with which they can work by themselves. Gradually vocal exercises are introduced and then repertoire is worked on.

Special price for residents of Nijmegen


I give regular workshops throughout the year for groups between 4 and 8 people, on a Saturday from 10:00 to 13:00 and 14;00 to 16:00.  Saturday morning is given over to learning and refining the Alexander Technique. Saturday afternoon is given over to letting each singer work alone with me in front of the group.  

Workshop Price: €100,00 for 5 hours.

A word from Barbara Bonney



“I am very happy to recommend Ron Murdock as a singing teacher and expert in the Alexander Technique. It is my opinion that every singer and performer should enroll in a course of Alexander lessons. I have personally profited by doing so.


Ron is exact, patient and clear in his comments; he is at the same time sympathetic and has the ability to radiate a calm and good atmosphere.”


(signed) Barbara Bonney